Solar Lighting >> SLSAPP4000

Technical data:
Item No. SLSAPP4000
Capacity 4000VA
System voltage 96VDC
Power generated everyday Solar Radiation(kWh/m2/d): 4 11980WH
Solar Radiation(kWh/m2/d): 5 15000WH
Solar Radiation(kWh/m2/d): 6 18000WH
Inverter Output wave Pure sine wave
Output voltage AC110/220V
Output frequency 50/60HZ
Capacity 4KVA
Precision of output voltage ±3%
Precision of output frequency ±0.1%
False output wave of AC <3%
Overload ability 120%, 60 seconds
Invert efficiency >85%
Solar Panel Pmax 4000W
Vmp 138.4V
Imp 28.92A
Battery Capacity 96V500AH
Controller Rated voltage DC 96V
Rated current 40A
Control mode PWM
Protection Reverse polarity, overload, reverse charge, etc.
Distribution Box with inverter and controller in
Battery Rack with all batteries in
Solar Mounting System Pitch Roof/Flat Roof/Ground Mounting Type

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